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Telescopi H-alpha

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Come posso utilizzare le osservazioni di un piccolo telescopio solare H-alpha <0,5 Å per monitorare l'attività solare con approccio di tipo scientifico? 

Preciso che ho la laurea in Geologia, ma possiedo conoscenze di Astronomia soltanto di tipo amatoriale, da autodidatta. 

Avete qualche link sul quale indirizzarmi?

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1 hour ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

English would be better to be able to give a good response ;) 


How can I use the observations of a small solar telescope H-alpha <0.5 Å to monitor solar activity with a scientific approach?

 I specify that I have a degree in Geology, but I have only amateurish, self-taught knowledge of astronomy.

 Do you have any links on which to direct me?

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A small h-alpha telescope like the Maede P.S.T. is good for visual observations of filaments, prominences and observation of sunspot regions in h-alpha. But a small h-alpha telescope isn't ideal for real scientific observations, for that it would require a professional telescope like the Maede Solarmax III double stacked. 

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