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Umm... I think Sunspot 2826 became a β- γ sunspot...

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Difficult to say now, the region is nearing the limb and it’s magnetic configuration can’t be clearly be determined. 
background flux is also lowering so that indicates activity is declining so I don’t think an M-flare will be possible. Although it would be a nice goodbye as it rotates behind the limb 

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From the forecast discussion, it isa said that there are multiple cmes from the farside or the limb, does it indicate an active spot from the farside, and where is the spot?


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2 hours ago, abc said:

I mean which part of the farside

I reckon a southern hemisphere sunspot as seen here


Looks like the only visible activity on the far side that we can see. It could be antipodal to the active regions on our side.

Use this to reference where the image was taken from:


The red 'A' point is the perspective of Stereo A relative to Earth and some other objects. This is just a snapshot image, by the way, the official image updates at https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/solar-images/stereo.html

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