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Ask for the maximum solar of solar cycle 25

Isatsuki San

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I was seeing a new prediction that you say that the solar maximum is going to be in 2024 and not in 2025, and if this prediction is correct, what does that affect the solar cycle? And was there another solar cycle that changed the prediction of solar maximum?

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First of all, there is no new official prediction of SC25. On the site of our colleagues of spaceweather.com they evaluated the smoothed sunspot number of the past 1,5 years of SC25, they concluded that the rise to solar maximum is happening faster than the prediction and that solar maximum could happen sooner than the original prediction. But that’s only an assumption and not a new prediction. As the solar cycle progresses we’ll see if it still follows that path or not 

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5 hours ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

En primer lugar, no hay una nueva predicción oficial de SC25. En el sitio de nuestros colegas de spaceweather.com, evaluaron el número de manchas solares suavizadas de los últimos 1,5 años de SC25, concluyeron que el aumento al máximo solar está sucediendo más rápido que la predicción y que el máximo solar podría ocurrir antes que el original. predicción. Pero eso es solo una suposición y no una nueva predicción. A medida que avanza el ciclo solar, veremos si todavía sigue ese camino o no. 

Oh well then we have to see if he goes the way or not, okay

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On our solar cycle page you can track the cycle and compare it with it's prediction:

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-18 om 18.53.28.png

There you can see that the last months the monthly mean sunspot number is higher than predicted and that the monthly smoothed SSN will follow that. The guys that maintain the SSN at SILSO have also two prediction methods that are based on the trend of the previous months (standard curves method and a combined method) and gives a sneak peak of how the cycle can progress and those as well are showing that we are ahead of the prediction. Who knows we'll see an earlier maximum or a double maximum like in SC23. We'll just have to wait and see where it goes 🙂 

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