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G2 solar storm and incoming cme impact plus Iceland volcano cams live! Spaceweather summary 21 march 2021 Video!


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Hi everyone, made a space weather video covering the ongoing solar wind stream and the possibility of a glancing blow on 23 march 2021 caused by a cme.

Spaceweather summary: We entered a solar wind stream flowing from a Southern Coronal hole. The impact in question created a negative bz prompting aural activity to be prominent. A cme has been ejected from the sun and will reach us on the night of 23 march 2021 although it will be a glancing blow. I also took the time to include Iceland video cams that are live in my web links for those of you interested in this topic.

Btw i'm not an astro physicist so if you see errors in the video pls feel free to correct me, the last thing I want is say things that are not accurate to my you tube subscribers... 

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