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Sunspots idendification #


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Question: I have noticed in today's March 2nd, 2021 sunspots image that some sunspots do not get an identification number. ex 2806. In the classification process, is it to do with the size of the sunspot. I have also noticed the size of the sunspot has increased over the rotation and is still not given an identification number.  

I have to say the sunspots are spot-on with what you seeing. I can say this what is happening to my friends and this what you can see for yourself.

Thank You

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New sunspot regions get numbered during the observation hours of the swpc. The new sunspot region currently hasn’t been numbered but soon will be. 
sunspot classification also happens during the observation hours. Sunspot change during their lifetime, spots come and go and the magnetic configuration and spot configuration can change. 

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly ... I just finished my lunch and there is a reply. Wow!! Thanks. I like Space Weather live it instant and I can choose to setup my scope for a quick observation before work. Reminiscing: Childhood setup our family telescope and make projection of the sun. In the 80's the sunspots where more common as well as solar flairs; amazing to see. Solar storm had an effect on my father's ham radio. Aurora colourful lights in night sky's all connect. 

It is rather all romanic.

Thanks for you reply

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