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Filament eruption possible impact

solar investigator

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Hi all. I'm sure some have already noticed the filament eruption SW limb about 6 hours ago. Waiting for soho and lasco... To confirm possible impact. This one from what it looks like on AIA 304 and AIA 193 shows a decent coronal dimming and filament release that looks better directed than the previous CME impact,,, fingers crossed. I want to see auroras mid latitude

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Op 8/1/2021 om 12:45, Vancanneyt Sander zei:

If it’s on the limb, chances are pretty zero for a possible impact. Plus for middle latitudes we need a big flare with a big CME to give a good shot for most middle latitude regions

........ Wow density up to 60p/m2...... Definitely a CME impact. Likely those limb central CMEs.... Cool

Well looks like those limb CMEs on the 9th had earth directed components after all. High proton density's like this don't generally occur with coronal wind streams expecially this early on in the cycle. Bz negative 16 is impressive. Hope it stays😌

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