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Earth-Facing Solar Flares

Laila Bseiso

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Check the sunspot region the flare was associated with and check the location of the sunspot region for that day. Both are available in the SpaceWeatherLive archive. Depending on the type of flare and the duration, the rule of thumb is that a sunspot region gets a geoeffective position when it's center disk and moves towards the limb. Due to the effect of the Parker spiral, when sunspot regions move from center disk towards the limb again these are still geoeffective due to the effect. But still, the flare must had an associated coronal mass ejection to be geoeffective (for example short lived M-flares most times don't produce a CME) and its also depending of the propagation from the CME to really know if it was geoeffective. in the archive you can also read the report to get some more info on what happened that day.

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