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M1.19 flare on 29-May-2020?

Drax Spacex

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Perhaps my memory is failing, or I have again slipped across that tenuous window into my alternate universe, but I don't recall an M1.19 flare on May 29th, 2020.  The archives indicate there was 1 M-class flare and 2 C-class flares on that day.  But there were no active sunspot regions.  The SDO videos for that day have lots of missing frames, so it's hard to correlate the solar disk images at the times when the X-ray graph detected these flares to see where they came from. 

Ah, nevermind, yes it was reported here, as the first M-class flare of SC25.  P.S. - Dr. Walter Bishop says 'Hi.'


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Don't forget GOES images can also be referenced! I think... Maybe not? Is there somewhere we can find cached/stored images, like an archive, particularly with GOES?

Also, that day was pretty momentous, wasn't it? I forgot it was 925 days from the last M-class flare!

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