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Hemisphere assignments.


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I do not really understand your question but this data comes from the NOAA SWPC. They calculate the exact location of the sunspot on the Sun. If the group is north of the solar equator than the group is in the northern hemisphere and if the group is south of the solar equator the sunspot region is in the southern hemisphere.

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The latitude and longitude location data are reported in heliographic coordinates which do make use of position angle P and latitude angle B0.

The origin point of heliographic coordinates is at the intersection of the solar equator and the observer's central meridian.   The centerline dividing the top and bottom halves of a solar disk image should not be expected to align exactly with the solar equator.

P = The position angle between the geocentric north pole and the solar rotational north pole measured eastward from geocentric north. The range in P is +/- 26.3°.

B0= Heliographic latitude of the central point of the solar disk.   The range of B0 is +/- 7.23°, correcting for the tilt of the ecliptic with respect to the solar equatorial plane.


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