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Solar-Radiofrequent-Spectrum received on Earth's Surface ? (10 Ghz - 400 Ghz )

Ron NL

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Anyone have a graph that shows :
"Solar-Radiofrequent-Spectrum @ as received on Earth's Surface ?
Frequency-band : 10 Ghz - 400 Ghz ... just below "Far Infrared"
Purpose : what are the RF "windows" between Earth & Sun ?
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Hi Ron NL,

You can approximately work it out as follows:-

The solar radiation is that of a black body centred on about the yellow/green range of the visible spectrum. In detail there are bright and dark bands in that range but most are fairly narrow in the spectrum.

The radio window lower end is set by refraction in the Earths Ionosphere which for a vertical incidence signal is usually in the range of 1 to 10 Megahertz. The frequency for a lower angle signal is higher up to 25 to 30 MHz.

The radio window upper end is set by water vapour absorption which starts at about 22 Gigahertz.

The optical window low frequency end is about 27,000 GHz. which corresponds to 1.1 micrometres. For light it is common to think in wavelengths in nanometres. The optical window extends from approximately 300 to 1,100 nM.

In the range from 22 to 27,000 GHz there are a number of broad absorption bands due to molecules in the upper atmosphere.

If you look at the Wikipaedia article entitled, "Optical Window" there is a roughly drawn diagram that shows approximately what you are looking for.

Good Hunting,



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Thank you @Jim Sinclair  

I looked at mentioned wiki graph (below)

The part i am interested in is not detailed enough  [EDIT]


I found this other graph (below)... it shows "Atmospheric Absorption of Millimeter Waves"

Graph shows "absorption" (in our/earth's atmosphere) .... if you flip it vertically you get "transmitivity"    

from that you could determine at least 4 centerfrequencies of bands that do reach earth ...those are the "windows" 

im looking for.



Below graph is "atmospheric-absorption"

..it shows the absorption  between a transmitter and receiver while they are both inside our Atmosphere

more precise the "horizontal" absorption.

On the quick i can see 4 bands (centerfrequencies) that could be a window:

Roughly : 28 Ghz , 90 Ghz , 140 Ghz , 270 Ghz 



My Questions:


1) Is this "'absorption" graph correct ? 

2) Does this also represent the "Rf-windows" between  Sun and Earth ?


I could also phrase it differently "'if you were life on earth ..and you use the sun for your systems ... which RF- frequencies would you use ?" 

Please lets not go into " Life does not Rf-frequencies ! " ... thats not my point right now                                                                                                                                            im assuming things the other way around ... just to see if it could work like that.

So what''s the (average)  :  Sun > Earth , RF-Window (10-400 Ghz ?



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I imagine that some of the data related to radio waves we have is not specific to the Sun, mainly due to the weakness of the radio bands on the Sun and how radio waves propagate through our outer layers of atmosphere. I have some links that do focus a bit more on the Sun+radio telescopes, if you're interested.

You can try diving into this website, although I could not find anything along the lines of what you're asking for: http://www.vla.nrao.edu/ The Very Large Array has done good work in the past.

You may also read this article, and look forward to a mission by NASA to study the sun and produce the data you're looking for: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-selects-mission-to-study-causes-of-giant-solar-particle-storms 

As of yet, the mission is not underway, and will launch "no earlier than July 1, 2023" https://www.colorado.edu/ness/projects/sun-radio-interferometer-space-experiment-sunrise

In short, we may have more valuable data for people to work with in the coming years. As of right now, however, humans produce more radio "noise" than the Sun on average throughout the year, so it may be difficult to discern radio signal from the Sun while our atmosphere is awash with artificially-produced radio waves. Here are some mainstream publications(not scientific publications, just blurbs) that touch on a bit of that: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/human-activity-changing-space-too-180963369/ and https://www.planetary.org/articles/3390 and a refresher on the history of human-based radio waves https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_radio

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Thanks for your reply @Christopher S.   

Yes I have looked at some of these stations

and i found that there does not seem to be a problem

for observers to measure Solar-Radiofrequencies @ Earth Surface ... its being done at least at:  2800 Mhz , 17 Ghz and 400 Ghz  and more !


Those signals are obviously not being "deafened" by terrestrial interference ... the monitoring-stations are all located  in "no-interference" areas 

They use directional antennas  (telescopes,arrays) , to both amplify the wanted signal while at the same time suppress the interference.


All mentioned RF-bands (and more) show signals (levels) that follow the same curve as the Solar-Activity curve

They seem to be a excellent "realtime proxy" for solar-activity  (research shows this) 

Yes ok ... what "proxy" you use depends on your type of research.


What i dont see explained at all these stations (2,8 17, 400Ghz) 

is why they choose those frequencies ... 2,8 was pure coincidence because they happened to have that laying around  

So who knows why they choose these frequencies ... they dont explain it enough,  (purpose ? , what are you trying to find ?)




Satellite measurements of the RF-solar-spectrrum wont help much ..since i dont know which bands will reach Earth 

Also for my study it has to be Received @ Earths Surface  ... because my study is about the infuence of the sun on us (life). 



One of your links, connects me with the "NGVLA" project:  https://ngvla.nrao.edu/page/performance 

They are going to use some bands that i have been suggesting (via that graph i showed)

But zero information is given to why they have chosen these bands.

From their "goals" ... i read "everything galaxy" ... but not the Sun ...aaarrgghh 

allways the same ...looking at further away ..while most answers are right here in front of us.

More Sun-Studies !   More Solar-Research !   ... if it was up to me ...the whole budget to Solar-Radio-Frequencies @ Earth   ;)




Example of a  "Terrestrial Solar Radio Frequencies" monitoring station is "Nobeyama" (Japan)  



Frequencies:  17 Ghz and 34 Ghz ... watch their daily "radio-"images" or videos 

i have seen some very interesting patterns !  ... imagine that those are being projected on Earth.   .

I just read they did shut this one down in March 2020 !    ... aaaarrgh !   !                                         

But all research is still online, see the patterns, videos & pics here  :  https://solar.nro.nao.ac.jp/norh/


And another one (below)  in Argentina   "SST"      https://casleo.conicet.gov.ar/sst-lhm/  (foto below)

Frequencies:  45 , 90, 212 , 405   Ghz 




And "ngVLA" USA here:  https://ngvla.nrao.edu/page/performance 

they do:  2.4 , 8 , 16 , 27 , 41,  93 Ghz   but overlapping  ... its one big band analyzer 1.2 - 116 Ghz

They should add a 500 Ghz module  ...or better up to where it's called "Far Infrared"

I see patterns on 405 Ghz ... in my vision everthing plays a role ..so add 500 Ghz please 



3 more monitoring stations ... at 1st sight not used for Sun https://public.nrao.edu/telescopes/ 


More stations that do:  Solar-Radio -Frequencies @ Earth   ? 



Lets say we have 6 frequencies in total that Sun > Earth science ...  seems to find of interest ? 

Those  "'suspicious"" frequencies are:   1734 ,  45 , 90, 212 , 405  (Ghz) 

The "atmosperic absorption graph"  in previous post pointed to:  28  , 90 , 140  , 270 (Ghz)

I dont know what to conclude from that ... only 1 matches perfect ! ,                                                                                           

(harmonics , mixing-products, wrong measurements, errors ?)                                                                                                     

or are they looking for other things ? ... the Sun > Earth Windows should be number-one research now ! 


Once you know where the windows are exactly .... you pick a few of them (4 center-frequencies ?)             

and observe them in parallel .. (Dont forget the Frequency-Shifts !)  

Modulation is: (at least) " Continious Frequency-Shift Modulation" 

similar to FSK, QPSK ... etc.   but the K of "'keying" should be replaced with "continious" .


In radio-amateur terms a:  "silent-carrier"  with a slowly changing "carrier-frequency" 

the data is in the changing of the carrier-frequency (Delta F) ... not in the "energy" (TSI)

.... i bet you will get the "hottest data" ever ! 


If you observe 4 bands you will need 4 receivers + spectrum-analyzers (with digital output)  

i think you dont need big sophisticated telescopes ...

if life-on Earth can receive it then we can also receive it ... a simple design will do 

Solar-Radiation is strong enough its "wideband" ... wideband means maximal penetration. 

Maybe it can be done with a SDR (software defined radio)  4 of them, with additional bandfilters for the wanted freqs. 


In radio-amateur language : the receiver does not need to be super-sensitive (not much or no amplification needed)  

no need for a large array telescope ... a simple but good "'detector" might do the job (Hemispherical Lens , Ghz Waveguide, Crystal)                                       

The solar-signals are slow but steady ... they can be filtered from the fast background-signals (terrestrial interf) 

using "pattern-recognition" or "correlation" 

this is used   to filter unwanted signals .. so you get wanted signals only (sun)

This is also used in terrestrial ultra-low power communications (SpreadSpectrum , UltraWideBand, Wireless)    

Maybe such a receiver can be made using  SDR (software defined radio)  4 of them, with additional bandfilters for the wanted freqs. 

Sorry for the radio-tech talk ;)


What i'm researching is:

 Life on Earth will have adapted to those windows (frequency-bands) 

that is what it is supposed to do !   ... official science says  :  we adapt ! ... life adapts to its environment !   

I'm trying to figure out how this works ... but i do that from a  "RF Radio-Communications" point-of-view.


I look at life-forms such as plants or animals .. i analyze their sensors ... they are like "Antennas" to me 

by analyzing the "antennas" (length, size, materials, colors)

i can calculate what frequencies (wavelength) it might work on

i simply apply the formulas that i have learned in my work as  RF Radio-Engineer, Antenna-Designer


Q:   Anyone knows more stations like these and their solar-frequencies ?






Thanks @3gMike   

Yes it helps ... ill read it .

"Transmitivity-Spectrum" (inside to inside atmosphere) 

above a mountain Mauna Kea in Hawai ... a Volcano ! ...  and a BIg one ! 

Not shure if "above a volcano"  is very representative for the average spectrum on the planet   ;)                         

I'll read it ... THANKS  👍




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Hi Ron,

You have an interesting project!

Firstly, is there a typo in your first reply? You specified the band you are interested in as 5 centimetres to 20 centimetres? Your text seems to be more focused on 5 millimetres to 20 mm.

You are quite correct in thinking that the bands you are asking about (27 to 40 GHz, 90 GHz etc) would give some signal with some attenuation. A vertical incidence path would give the least attenuation. For radio astronomy purposes the attenuation would be reasonably constant and an allowance could be calculated.

There are still some radio quiet locations left on the Earth for use at those frequencies. The middle of big oceans close to the equator would be good places to start looking.

Your posting gives your location as Netherlands, a good place for you to start on would be Aruba. Another good one would be one of the Pacific islands close to the equator.

I wish you well,



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Hi @Jim Sinclair   


Yes thank you .. your right,  that was a mistake ! .(shame shame) .. i looked at the wrong part of the graph  

... its allways my  micrometer > frequency confusion  ;)  

I removed that mistake-part in my post now ... it now says that:  the graph is ... "not very detailed "

The part i'm interested in would be  "Micrometers"  just below "Far Infrared"   that goes with mentioned Ghz frequency range.   


Yes the "incedence angles"  ... i understand the effect of that ...that  makes it more complicated 

But my idea is now to do it ...as life on earth itself does it  ... meaning it should work everywhere 

According to my theory: no matter where you are you will have reception ...the transmitter is moving to everywhere (footprint) 

its like a non-stationairy satellite,everything will be covered ..this takes time (6 months ?) (Fibonacci curve over Earth)

Meaning you  dont have to go nowhere ..because it will come to you  ... shure for research there's optimal locations: 




Best locations for Sun > Life-on Earth research ( my personal but educated idea ;) )

You should at least be there where there is Sufficient Sun  ... but the best is where you can see the most of its SHORT-TERM CYCLES  (day,month,year)

Sun over Earth follows a Fibonacci-path ... you need to be in the center of one of the half circles of the current path. where you can see a full 180 degrees turn (doppler,spectr) 

i believe 1 half-cycle (180 degr) takes about 1 month ? , There are 6 half cycles , so you get best results 2 times a year (from 1 location)


From such a location you would get the "'cleanest data"  and the most data. 


Those locations are Egypt,Tibet ...and more on that line .. some in the middle of the ocean. .. theres 6 of these locations evenly spread over longtitudes 

I have made  a map of that, showing the Fibonacci path and all these locations ... they are at the centers of of where  you can see the full 180 degrees !

Obviously some of those locations have been known for a very long time .. i'm amazed ! 


Thanks Jim 👍 



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2 hours ago, Ron NL said:

How to uplad an image to this forum ? 

instead of posting a link to a online image

I want to show an image that is not online

Due to the logistics/cost of hosting the website, you can only link to images hosted elsewhere on the internet(except for your own profile picture). Data gets very expensive if people start uploading 4k images on the regular.

I recommend using a free image hosting website like imgur.com which will maintain your posted image for a very long time. All of my imgur links over the last couple of years are still active.

Simply click New Post on the top left, browse to the image on your computer, and drag it to the web page up on screen. You can also click "Browse..." on imgur and upload it that way. Right click the resultant imgur post image, click "Copy Image Address" and use that.

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@Christopher S.   Ok ... tnx

i understand ..allthough i suggest webmaster could have a look at this 

There are services that offer online 500 Gb storage for as little as  1$ per month ! 

a simple 2 line script can do the redirecting to such external storage 

500 Gb should be enough for 1-5 years  ;) 


You could in addition only allow  "JPG"  images  (these are up to 20 times less in kb's compared to for example BMP)

Google:  "online storage" 


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Found lots of Atmospheric-Attenuation Ghz spectra ! 

i have to turn them upside down ... to get "Transmittivity" , "Transparency" 

and then we have Frequency-Band candidates for the Sun > Earth " Windows "   

Let me see if i can find 10 different graphs that all show the same curve 

This is obviously the only way to do it (online-research)  ... i dont have the equipment to research this myself. 




Remark  :  Sun > Earth "'Windows"  ...is my term for the (RF) Frequency Bands that reach Earth's surface  

Purpose : To find out if a Sun > Human (One way, RF) communication system could exist. 


Things to do: 

* Find the freq-windows  (6 ?)

* Google "millimeter vision" (RF-Penetration of materials vs Ghz !) , what freqs they use ? (same as the windows ?) 

* Antenna: 500 Ghz Hemispherical Lens (Omnidirectional, Dielectric, Luneberg-Antenna) , (i copied that from Pineal Gland antenna ! )  ;) 

* 6 Crystals (act as focused waveguides, 1 for each center freq-band) ,  (Pineal Gland have 100's) , 6 will do for a start 

* Receiver :  6 RF-Diode-Detectors (noise ?)  , RF or Mix down to visible spectrum (optical detector ?)  , FM -modulation / Doppler-shift detection ?

* 6 Band Doppler Pattern-analysis (slow cycles:  mins , hrs , days , weeks , months, years) , 

* The Pattern-analysis also acts as a filter against terrestrial interference (pulse-length filter in software) 

* Can we see (minutes > months) cycles in the received rf-spectrum ?  (Time vs levels per band, frequency-shifts, polarisations ...etc) 


The "radio-optical" antenna technique is used because  its the simplest direct way ...low loss and low noise.

Life & Nature also uses "radio-optical" antennas ... they are not your usual "electric aluminium dipole" 

... but made with dielectrics, prisms, crystals and lenses

Like that we do it as much as possible as life does it .... which seems to me the best way to get meaningful results, and less errors

The receiver is based on how nature does it. (as simple, direct, and low budget as possible)



Ai ai ai  ... this will keep me busy forever ! .. what have i started ? ...lets see how far i can get, if you allow me ;) 




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Isn't it more pertinent to focus on radio waves generated by satellites, such as the 5g internet signals slared to enswathe the planet thanks to Elon Musk's mission? Or the radio blackouts occurring right after strong solar flares? The Sun is otherwise extremely radio-quiet. The energy we receive from the Sun is 49% visible light, and 49% infrared. Rough approximations. Attenuation in life forms will certainly be overriden by human-made signals, no? Such a consideration has been relevant since the birth of the "radio age" and hasn't had an obvious effect on life thus far. 

Although, with all that said, this seems like a clever effort to "pull our legs" or in more blunt terms, troll us.

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energy we receive from the Sun is 49% visible light, and 49% infrared



The energy is in the Whole Spectrum ..not just visible & infrared !

you did forget the big parts above and below  (X-rays, Far-UV, UV  and on the other side the Ghz,Thz  Radiofrequencies) .  

(yes not all of those will reach Earth's earth's surface but very big parts do)

Therefore 49% Infrared + 49% Human Visible Light  is not a correct estimation 

because you dont include the rest of the energy. (spectrum)  



Attenuation in life forms will certainly be overriden by human-made signals


Yes human-made signals could interfere

but the energy (radiation)-patterns from the sun are very slow compared to the high data-rates in human-made signals 

they can exist together without influencing each other ... because they have very different patterns.


To understand this ... its needed to understand about radio-communication-protocols and modulation-patterns

those are things that i have learned as a radio-comms engineer 

See the Sun is a transmitter ...  it transmits:

"Ultra Wide band (UWB)" , "Frequency-Modulated (FM) " or "Slow Spread-Spectrum (SS)" signals


Our human-made terrestrial systems also use those protocols to:

* Withstand signals (pulses) from other sources (even when they are partly on the same frequencies)

* Penetrate otherwise not pentratable materials (environment,obstacles,atmosphere)   

* Allow for error-correction (FEQ) 


The military and even astronomy uses those types of communication-systems

exactly to commununicate over very long distances  and avoid interference from other sources

Its about correlation, pattern-recognition  .. and multi-frequencybands 


Yes there might come a moment that the radio-spectrum on the earth becomes to occupied

by our own made terrestrial signals ...maybe then ... as a result  the "'signals" from the Sun cant reach us anymore. 

they could become overpowered by terrestrial interference. 


Nature's solution to that is probably that i steps up its communication protocols 

* More intelligent protocols (observations) to avoid interference.

* Slow change to other frequencies

We will adapt to use other parts of the spectrum ... its a slow process (centuries) 

It resembles how "'Electronic Warfare" (Militairy) is done ..they try to punch trough the background/interference 


We humans have different sensors for many of these bands ... not just the:

* Eyes (Visible spectrum) 

* Vestibular organ (Low Freq , Magnetic, Earth Fields, 3D Gravity) 

* Ears (Pressure, Height, Sound, 0-20 Khz)  


but also: 


Pineal Gland 

That is our antenna for at least 10-500 Ghz or higher (up to where its not called RF but Infrared Light) 

I have studied that gland ...all sizes and materials in it ... its location ... the inclination and its antenna-diagrams

point to it being our RF-Antenna ! 

For thousands of years ancient cultures and beliefs have suspected this 

but at that time they did not have enough scientific understanding of it 


Just as the other sensors mentioned above (Eyes, Vestibular, Ears) 

the signals from the Pineal Gland are also used by us humans

Its our environmental sensor ... we use it for clock-signals and timing, adaptation 

of processes in our bodies .. it uses the Sun ... the Solar-RF-Radiation/Modulation  (10-500+ Ghz) 

So we can imagine that all solar-cycles also influence what is received.


We humans (and all life)  are continiously improving our reception (adaptation) from the Sun 

there is nothing strange about that ... its the evolution of life...those who have adapted the best will survive (Darwin et al)


I'm researching it  ... its not all scientific proven facts (yet) ... but i find new confirmation each and every day 

And most important ... until now no-one has (scientifically) countered my ideas by showing errors in my theory.

That is probably because the right (and knowledgeable) scientist have not heard about or looked at it.


So now i plan to build a copy of that Pineal Gland 

i'm using "Radio-Optic" Ghz  techniques (just as the gland does it) 

and will try to convert/analyse the received RF-spectrum into something usefull

which will help us understand how the whole Sun > Earth (life) thing works. 


Here and there i read that the Pineal Gland has moved its position

it used to be more on the outside ...closer to the skull , while currently it is located more deeper 

this points maybe to a shift of the gland to now use higher frequency-bands ?

That would be a good example of adaptation to the environment  (avoiding terrestrial interference)



 "pull our legs" or in more blunt terms, troll us



Have you ever met a "'troll"' like me ? ... who comes up with such advanced theory ?

Who spends so much time on it ....why would i do trolling ? ... i have no reasons or time to troll !

I have no personal problem with anyone on this from neither ...and i do understand some resistance.


I'm just combining all my knowledge ... you are excused if you dont understand all the pieces of it

its complicated ... but i'm learning each day .. but since i have to do this all by myself ... it takes a long time 

I know there's scientist  looking at this,  but they advance to slow, because it needs multi-disciplinary science

and all those "'niches" are not communicating whith each other ... im trying to contact them ... or get their attention.

thats why i write in this forum. 


If we would understand the Pineal Gland's role ...then we might also have answers to Pandemics and Virus.

I already have a lot of those answers ... and the current panic and crisis are totally NOT  needed ! 




 Sun is otherwise extremely radio-quiet


The Sun is never Radio-Quiet  !... it only appears so  if you only look at the levels ! 

But in fact there's a lot going on ...but that is hidden in the frequency-shifts (spectrum, doppler, fm) ...etc. 

I dont say that ...solar-science says that ! ... it's written in many publications !   

Its just that science has not figured out yet the effects (on us) of those hidden modulations.


For reseach-purposes ...you need to separate "'Energy" (Bolometric)  from "'Modulation" (Content)


The received Energy is used by life to get energy to build life (photosynthesis, harvesting)...etc) 

The received Modulation is used by life to know how to build life (adaptation,dna)  .


I mean you can look at TSI  forever ...it wont reveal anything other then total received energy 

there is no usefull information (modulation)  in TSI.


The closest project i have seen that does look at that Sun's modulation is the Doppler-Graph on board a sun-cycling satellite

unfortunately its a satellite ... while in my opinion the doppler should be measured at earth's surface ...because you have to

also see the cycles ...the atmospheric influences (incedence-angles,transmittivity).

If you want to understand Sun > Life-on-Earth  ...then  the analyzer should be there were we are ...not in space ! 


The terms i use above are real radio-tech terms .. they are not some kind of "spiritual" / "alternative" language. 

I understand that many are not radio-rech ... so you cant agree, understand or verify what i'm saying

... where are the radiotech -people in this forum ? 




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Anyone interested in this ... could join my Facebook-group 

I show & discuss research that has been done already 

and i add some of my own (pure technical) interpretations of that. 


You are welcome to both ... agree with it .. or show what the errors are ;) 



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This link indicates that a large portion of the frequency range you mention is in use by satellites, and for radio astronomy, so it must generally have low atmospheric attenuation.



This website https://www.windows2universe.org/sun/spectrum/multispectral_sun_overview.html  shows spectral emissions from the sun. In the range of interest (750um to 30mm) the emissions are less than 1nW / m2 - essentially insignificant.

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Thanks @3gMike  


Any frequency that can be received on Earth is " SIGNIFICANT " 

Solar-Radio-Frequent receivers on Earth do receive signals from very low ... up to 1000 Ghz ! 

there's many observatories that are looking at those frequencies ... since at least 15 years now. 

i'm not shure why you call that insignificant ... if radioreceivers can receive it then our human-sensors can also ! 


Maybe you think those human-sensors are not very sensitive ?

But they are !  .... for at least 2 reasons:


* Our human-sensors are nearly noiseless ...they are made up of (natural) radio-optic components (crystals,dielectrics)

There are no noisy amplifiers ...all the mixing and conversion is done in 1 single "stage" 

while receivers build by us do it in many stages ...each stage adds noise and distortion. 

Our human-receivers (sensors) are better then man-made ! 

Because they are simpler and directer ... nature allways figures out the most simple and direct way.



* You have to look at the patterns .. its slow and low-bitrate communications

typical of slow-rate-communications is that they dont need high-level signals 


Correlation, Spreadspectrum, Ultrawideband, Multichannel .... are all types of modulation 

that need much less levels compared to simple old fashioned 1 channel systems  

in those type of signals you dont measure sensitivity in microV or W/m2 

but you measure the "bit-error-rate" (how many bits of information was lost) 


Sun to Earth is low-bitrate ... the "'information" changes slowly (cycles, daily, yearly)

and it repeats slowly everyday again with a minimal difference between for example day-1 to day-2 

this makes it easy to distill the wanted signal ..if you miss a few days ...we can easely synchronise again

because the wanted pattern is close to when you lost reception. (re-synchronisation)                               


It takes about 1 day (24 hrs)  to re-synchronise again (1 full day of solar-over-earth-cycle)

... good example of that is "Jet-Lag" 



I'm not shure of the exact Pineal Gland frequencies 

because there is not enough open information available. 

So now i'm trying it the other way around  by finding candidate frequencies or atmospehric windows

It would be better if some research would look at the frequency-components in the Pineal Gland itself


In existing research they have simply forgotten to seriously look at the sizes of the elements in it

There's at least a "'lens" and the "crystal-waveguides" in it

From their sizes and characteristics ... you could determine what frequencies it uses 

But hey ..what to expect from medics and brain-doctors ..they have no clue about radio-antennas 

so they research everything except what should be researched ...aaarrgghh !  

We cant blame them ... they have not learned other things like radio-stuff.


I say again ...research has to unite all the different disciplines ...that will solve it !

Edited by Ron NL
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