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Solar Heliospheric Sheet has flattened


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Back in March the solar heliospheric current sheet angle dropped below 10 which signifies that the sheet had flattened during this period of time. Since then it has raised back up to around 15 degrees. 


Because of this I have many questions about what this has to do with Solar Minimum.
1. Due to the tight time space between previous times when it has flattened and the previous minimums, does this mean that the cycle finally switched during this time?

2. How would this dictate if the cycle has switched?

3. How do they measure the tilt angle of the heliospheric sheet?

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This alone does not dictate the transition to the next solar cycle but it would definitely help narrow down the actual solar minimum in conjunction with other data points, like the increase in SC25 sun spots vs. the waning of SC24 sun spots. I believe the SWPC gives their prediction 6+ months as both a margin of error and as a logically sound method of collecting observational data(such as this data you've brought up) to nail the time actual solar minimum occurred. 

1 hour ago, dynastyll said:

3. How do they measure the tilt angle of the heliospheric sheet?

I have no idea, maybe a Google search could help you on this one.

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