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Far-side Activity


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I have been watching the Sun for over a year now and I have noticed that during the summer of 2019 we had a few small sunspots form on the backside and die before they went over the east limb, and we have been seeing this again over the past month or so and I am curious whether we will get as many sunspots on the earth side as the far side. I am also curious whether there are causes to this.

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It's a research that hasn't been done because of the lack of data we have of the farside. Not every bright arc on Stereo is a sunspot region (unless they cause flares that can be observed from Stereo and is always very likely to be associated with a sunspot region) so it's difficult to get numbers from that side. In SC24 we have also seen some major activity on the farside but those regions never survived long enough to have some activity left on the frontside. In any case, we will have regions that will form on the visible solar disk. there's just not a pattern to it to which longitude they will form and the lifetime of any region is also very variable. 

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